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Renting DVC Points from Members

Renting Dvc Points Made Simple!

Why do people rent DVC points from members? There are 3 main reasons;

      1. SAVE up to 60% on your hotel costs
      2. Stay at Deluxe level Disney Resorts
      3. Try before you buy!

Let us help you with this process.

You may want to see what Disney is charging for the stay you are searching for. We suggest you do this to give you a better idea of the money you can save by renting points and getting to stay at a Deluxe Resort. You can do this here at Disney's Resort Reservations.

We also suggest researching theme park reservation availability prior to confirming your rental. You can do this at Theme Park Reservations. You can also visit the Theme Park Tickets page.

A new way of Renting DVC

Are you tired of scrolling through Facebook groups looking for a reservation that matches your needs? Tired of worrying if the person you are working with is who they say they are? We verify members in different ways; Member's DVC account, ID verification at sign-up either by Automation or By-Pass to have us verify over zoom or a video call are a few ways. We provide an easy to search navigation to find what you are looking for. Try us out and see what you think! Click our Rental Listings page to see what we have listed or give us a call/text to speak with one of our advisors.

*Not sure how many points you need? Don't forget to check out our Point Calculator to verify. This feature will help you determine the needed DVC points for your stay.

You don't need to be a member of DVCA to rent points from someone. If you see something you like in Rental Listings, fill out the inquiry form and we will be in contact with you.

Use DVC Advantages VIP program to find your point rental!

Our VIP Program is free to our renters looking to make a reservation! Our service offers you the support of a family that will walk you through the entire process and look for the best rates. We will handle finding the perfect member family for your needs and will facilitate the rental process with clear and concise information all while providing a friendly voice to answer all your questions.

We go the extra mile in verifying the members that we work with. Trust is important in this process, work with a company that is concerned about protecting you. Work with DVC Advantages!


The Rental Process

  1. When you are looking for points, give us a call and we'll help you figure out whether DIY or VIP is the better option for you.
  2. If you prefer our VIP services, DVCA will find the family that has points to rent and will facilitate the transfer of information regarding the needs of each party.
  3. Once the terms of the rental are agreed upon, your DVC Advantages Advisor will supply the information required to the point owner and request that the reservation be made.
  4. The Point owner will make the reservation and supply the confirmed reservation number. A popular way of doing this is by forwarding the confirmed reservation email or a screenshot of the confirmed reservation to their personal DVC Advantages Advisor.
  5. Your DVC Advantages Advisor will contact the renter (you) to let you know the reservation is complete and provide you with the reservation information, so you can link it with your MDE. Upon confirmation the renter will pay the point owner through the agreed upon financial terms.
  6. For Rentals over $1000.00 we provide a contract for the Member and Renter to sign. We process this through Docusign.