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DVC Advantages is in need of what you have to offer. Whether you are looking to sell your DVC contract, or you have a confirmed reservation or just points to rent. You may also be a Marriott owner and now see that you can Swap with a DVC owner on our site. Please see below for a current list of our Member's Resale, Rental or Swap featured needs. If you have what we are looking for, please call us at 833-382-3325 and press 0 for Sales or email us at Talk to you soon!

  • We have a DVCA member that will be looking to make a reservation at the Grand Floridian for a December 2022 stay. The owner will need access to 600 points for a 3 bedroom Grand villa.
  • Resale Saratoga 200 pts, February use year
  • Marriott and DVC owners looking to do a Home Resort Swap
  • ALL confirmed rental reservations
  • ALL Resale Listings 7.5% Commission